Games of chance or innocent entertainment?
Games of chance or innocent entertainment? Recreation clubs offers players a broad range of games, including cards, dices, darts, etc. Bangalore government claims that these games entice players to bet. For that reason, authorities have to determine the games’ nature as everyone can enter those recreation establishments. Illegal gambling The state of Bangalore also claims that many visitors gamble and suffer big loses thanks to games like rummy, poker, craps, darts, etc. Clubs will turn into illegal gambling venues if they are allowed to offer unlicensed games of chance, according to the Bangalore government. Therefore authorities have to monitor recreational clubs in order to prevent illegal gambling. Games of chance instead of skill games Bangalore Police recently busted two underground gambling parlors that were disguised as recreation clubs. “Public businesses pretend to offer games of skill, but many of those games can be classified as games of chance”, a spokesperson for the Bangalore government stated. Current regulation fails Authorities receive complaints about gambling activities at recreation clubs on a regular basis. Yet in September 2013, Bangalore government regulated these establishments. The Bangalore government also claims that registration under the Societies Registration Act isn’t effective. Petitions by recreation clubs include a video demonstrating that their games require skills. Share

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